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Variety is the spice of life

May 3rd, 2016 by

What I love about being here at Pak Mail Grandville is the variety of items, people, and situations we deal with on a weekly basis. Right now we have 13 pallets of furniture and boxes in our warehouse. Some are being shipped out, some are being delivered by us to Battle Creek, Hastings and Mt. Pleasant. Friday is a trip to Indianapolis with an antique armoire, a chair, and other odds and ends. Recently a DHL shipment of a life size photo to the Dominican Republic, a USPS shipment to Uzbekistan, custom packaging of samples from Hard Topix, freight shipments for Maximum Ag Technologies and MH Labs, and a microscope, painting, and sewing machine all sold on and shipped by us, and the list goes on and on.

Not a lot of boring days here at Pak Mail Grandville!  -Jim

Facebook post

March 17th, 2016 by

For those of you who saw our Facebook post this week I thought I would give you the entire story. One of the best parts about working at Pak Mail Grandville is hearing stories like this.
A gentleman called and inquired about custom crating and international shipping for his antique artwork. When he arrived he had quite an amazing tale for the painting he was shipping.
His father in law, and wife as a child, grew up in the Netherlands. When WWII was beginning the Nazi party came to that town to take away all the Jewish residents. They instructed him to point out any that he knew. He refused to do this and was, because of this action, taken away to a concentration camp himself. He survived this ordeal, coming out weighing only 85 lbs. When the war was over and as a thank you from local townspeople a painting was commissioned and presented to him by a local artist. It was of a local park where, coincidentally, his daughter later played while growing up.
This painting stayed in the family all these years until now. It turns out that the artist, Jos Lussenburg, became quite famous and a museum showing many of his works, The Noord-Velus Museum, is now opening in Nunspeet, Holland. The family has decided that the best place for this painting is back where it all started, and they are donating it to this museum.
An amazing and great story, and just another day at Pak Mail! -Jim

A week at Pak Mail Grandville

February 18th, 2016 by

What is an average day like here at Pak Mail Grandville? I’m not sure there is an average day. Every day seems to bring a little something different. This week alone we have shipped via DHL international shirts to London; received a freight shipment at our warehouse to be unpacked and delivered; quoted custom crating for a shipment bound for Trinidad; packed and shipped artwork, electronics and other high value items; and serviced a constant flow of mailbox customers, copies, faxes, shredding and notary service.
Just another week here at Pak Mail Grandville!

Holiday shipping survival

January 12th, 2016 by

Happy belated holidays to all our Pak Mail Grandville customers and friends.  It was a very busy and hectic packaging and shipping season! Besides all the usual gifts to friends and relatives being shipped all around the world, we also had jobs of custom crating of artwork, freight shipping of furniture, along with the usual copies, faxes, mailbox rental and custom packaging jobs that come to us every day.

Thank you for trusting Pak Mail Grandville with all your packaging and shipping needs, and here’s to a great 2016 for everyone!  -Jim, Audrey, Jen, Angie, Aaron and Austin

New Web Design

October 20th, 2015 by

Pak Mail GrandvillePak Mail Grandville now has a new responsive website. This means you can track a shipment, request a free shipping estimate, or browse our site on all of your devices. Pak Mail specializes in custom packing, crating, and shipping services. We also offer a variety of convenient services like: mailbox rental, copy and fax services, and much more. Feel free to contact us or just stop by and see what we can ship for you.

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Pak Mail Grandville is a full service packing and shipping store as well as a custom crating and freight shipping company. We are located in Grandville and proudly serve Grandville, Jenison, Wyoming, Hudsonville, Walker, Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Zeeland, Holland and all of West Michigan. Request a Free Online Estimate or call us at 616-531-9790.


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