Shipping convention and golf outing

April 18th, 2017 by

Believe it or not it is not all work here at Pak Mail Grandville. Sometimes we even get to have a little fun. Next Monday, April 24th we will be holding our 6th Annual Golf Outing at Egypt Valley Country Club. It is a fun day on a beautiful course and it gives us a chance to raise a little money for a great cause, Goodwill Industries.

Prior to that I will be traveling to Las Vegas for the every-other-year Pak Mail convention. What could you possibly talk about at a shipping convention you ask? Quite a bit actually. Improved freight packaging techniques, best customer service practices, new products and services that can be offered to customers, tips from the best store owners in the country, and the list goes on. Hopefully this time away will help us be able to serve the West Michigan area even better when we return.

Thanks, as always, for allowing us to be your choice for shipping your items. We appreciate it. -Jim, Pak Mail Grandville